Public debt Including debt of SOEs

Exchange rate variation effect

1 $   =   3.3073 C

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Public Debt indicators and thresholds

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020* IMF threshold Limit of "Economic Freedom Act" "Georgia 2020" threshold

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Amount of Public Debt reported by the Ministry of Finance does not include debt of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs). This icon gives possibility to get information about the overall public debt when debt of SOEs are included in the portfolio.

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB), public sector debt includes debt of nonfinancial state owned corporations.

Nonfinancial state owned corporations are resident organizations that are controlled by the government.

Source: Ministry of Finance of Georgia

Last update:  01.02.2019

Pulic Debt of Georgia includes only debt of the central government, debt of National Bank of Georgia, and private sector debt guaranteed by the state. The figure does not take into account the conditional volume of "historical debt".

Domestic Debt represents state debt of Georgia that is denominated in the national currency.

External Debt represents state debt of Georgia that is denominated in foreign currency.

In case of adding the state owned enterprises debt, external debt of enterprises as of 30 September 2018 is added to the actual amount of public debt for 2018 and to the forecasted value of 2019.

Source: Ministry of Finance of Georgia

Last update: 29.07.2020

Public debt service includes interest and principals for domestic and foreign debt. Forecasts are calculated according to the public debt stock for 31.12.2018


Source: Ministry of Finance Of Georgia

Last Update: 29.07.2020

For the Sustainability of Public Debt, special public debt limits are defined at international and local level. Limits of public debt of Georgia are defined by the organic law on “Economic Freedom” and by the strategy document “Georgia 2020”. Besides, International Monetary Fund has defined limits for low income countries.

This infographic provides information how these limits are met.

Source: Ministry of Finance of Georgia

Last update: 29.07.2020