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The purpose of the page is to increase the level of citizen engagement in the process of preparing the annual audit plan of the State Audit Office. Each citizen’s request will be taken into consideration in the selection process of audit topics and might become the basis for auditing.


In order to send request, it is necessary need to fill out the following fields:

   - Spending Agency

   - Citizen’s status

   - Problem description


In order to check the status of citizen's request, you need to enter the unique code in the field - "Check status". Unique codes are provided after submitting citizen's request. 


In order to be informed about the status of the request, citizens can enter their contact details.

Through the page, the State Audit Office aims to increase citizen engagement in the process of detecting and preventing corruption in the public sector.


The page allows you to share the information confidentially about the corruption risks in the public finance sector. Each provided message will be taken into consideration when conducting an audit.

The purpose of the page is to take into consideration the interests of citizens in determining the priorities of the audit activities.


Page allows you to sort the fields by the desired priorities. The provided information will become one of the criteria for selecting areas to be audited.