Increase capital in state owned enterprises according to ministries 

Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development

LTD Mountain Resorts Development Company
51,600,240 c
JSC Georgian State Electrosystem
1,900,000 c

Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture

LTD Food and Soil Diagnostic Center Anaseuli named after Adam Beridze
530,000 c
LTD Meqanizatori
16,200,000 c
LTD Georgian Amelioration
16,135,908 c

Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development

LLC United Water Supply Company of Georgia
35,567,055 c
LTD Solid Waste Management Company of Georgia
1,110,125 c

Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia

LTD Sportmshenservici
300,000 c

Ministry of Defence

LTD Construction Company Constructor 2011
20,112,875 c


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Infographic demonstrates capital injections made during the year in the State Owned Enterprises from the State Budget.

Source: Ministries

Last Update: 18.05.2018